1. Players must wear proper tennis shoes and proper attire. Shirts must be worn at ALL TIMES
  2. Identification tags issued by the club must be worn on the shoelace at ALL TIMES. Players without tags are subject to a guest fee (See #8). Should a tag be lost, replacement will be available from the Membership Director, for a fee.
  3. Hours of Play - Courts are open to junior and adult members alike EXCEPT those times listed or reserved for matches, tournaments, round robins, lessons, etc. Play commences on the hour and 1/2 hour. It is up to the players moving onto a court to advise those already playing on that court that their playing time is up. Players must vacate their courts when time is up regardless of the score or time started.
  4. Doubles and Singles Play—At the 1/2 hour switch, if all the courts are newly occupied :
    • Two members may play a single game but preferably team up to play doubles if members are waiting to play.
    • One club member may not practice if there are club members wishing to play
  5. Tournaments, Round Robins and league Matches have court priority.
  6. Court Etiquette:
    • Do not make excessive noise.
    • Do not walk behind or talk to players when they are playing.
    • Return ball(s) promptly and quietly in the direction of the player(s) who have lost them.
    • Ask for the return of balls quietly and politely at the proper moment, not during playing of a point.
    • The Executive reserves the right to cancel the membership of anyone whose conduct is prejudicial to the club.
  7. Court and Courts Maintenance: Players are asked to help keep the surface of the courts clean by placing all garbage in the receptacles provided. All members have the right to report acts of vandalism to the Police.
  8. Guests are permitted for a fee of $5.00 per day, payable to the Newtonbrook Tennis Club Executives.  Guests can play 3 times per season, after which time they need to purchase a membership.
  9. Rule #3 above applies to all members and non-members who have paid the daily fee.